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Significance of the Early Diabetes Treatme

The diabetes population in Japan has seen a sharp increase. 10.67million adults (20-79 age) are having diabetes, which is roughly 11% of the total adults population (about 95.34million). This figure is at the world-top level and Japan has the 6th largest diabetes population. (International Diabetes Federation “Diabetes Atlas” the 5th edition, 2011) The mortality rate of diabetes-related disease is known to increase sharply from the age of 40s. The early discovery and treatment is necessary. However, the reality is that even they are told the symptom of diabetes in health checks, those who receive appropriate treatments are limited to just one third. (Survey on National Health and Nutrition, 2010).

Treatment by a Diabetes Specialist to Prevent the Complications and Development

What is frightening about diabetes is that a patient has no symptoms and the complications have advanced significantly when noticed the disease. Three major complications of diabetes occur on eyes, kidney or nerve. These complications may end up the loss of sight, the introduction of dialysis, or the gangrenous foot. Furthermore, diabetes is an extremely critical risk factor of cardiac disease or cerebral diseases that accounts for 25% of death causes for Japanese. (Population Survey Report 2010, The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) Therefore, the diabetes treatment is intended to control the blood sugar level and to prevent the occurrence or development of these complications. A diabetes specialist certified by the Japan Diabetes Society provides medical care at our clinic.

Diabetes Treatments

We provide the order-made treatment customized for each patient. Our double medical specialist for diabetes and circular diseases does not just watch the change of blood sugar level. Our ultimate goal is to prevent blood vessel complications of the whole body from occurring, such as eyes (retinopathy), kidney (nephropathia), nerve, heart (myocardial infarction, angina), brain (brain infarction), etc.

Diabetes has often no symptoms.

Please visit us if you have following conditions.

□You go thirsty easily.

□You drink lots of water or urinate frequently.

□You lost weight despite of eating normally.

□Your foot gets numb or cramp up.

□You always feel tired.

Initial Visit

Please bring your health insurance card or any examination results if you have. You can visit us without a referral. You don’t have to wait long if you make a reservation by phone.

Consulting Hours

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