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【Tue.Sat】9:30~13:15 【Closed】Thu.Sun.National Holiday


We are right in front of the elevator on the 4th floor of GINZA MEDICAL CENTER. You can find the brochures or the latest articles on obesity or metabolic syndrome, and the information about GINZA or KYOTO at the entrance.

Reception, Waiting Room

Enter the front door. Our reception is on the left. We have a chic, authentic modern interior of the Georgian-style. With the sliding screen of KARACHO, the only sliding screen specialty store in Japan, on the front wall, we welcome you with Japanese hospitality.

We respect our patients’ privacy at the waiting room. Please relax on the special chairs of Kyoto Nishijin brocade.

Consulting Room 1

The main consulting room has a dignified atmosphere so that our patients can feel relaxed like being at their friend’s house. We show your electric health record on the 52-inch big screen. With the state-of-the-art IT environment, we can show you the examination results (X-ray or echo, etc.) shortly after the tests.

Consulting Room 2

This room is used for general consultation, and various tests including ultrasound examinations for heart, carotid, abdomen, prostate, etc., blood vessel age examination, cardiac electrogram, 24-hour cardiac electrogram, or measurement of height or weight. The bed is covered with comfort velour sheet and the electric operation is easy to use.



X-ray Laboratory

A functional and compactly designed examination room for chest or abdominal X-ray, bone age (bone density). We offer disposable gowns for women who need to take off their clothes.

Treatment Room/Recovery Room

This room is for blood drawing, intravenous drip, Oral glucose tolerance test, personal nutrition guidance, health examination, or preventive inoculation. The recovery booth is specially-designed like the airplane First Class. Recline the sheet and raise the foot rest. You can feel relaxed in a private space.


Cardiac/Carotid Ultrasound

The state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment that can clearly display the fine blood current with advantageous technology and high-definition images and allows us to offer a reliable diagnosis.

Blood Vessel Age Measurement

This can easily diagnose the sclerosis level of the whole blood vessels by measuring the pulse wave velocity.

24-hour Electro-cardiogram

This is the world-smallest and lightest holter electrogram. Just by clicking the button, this digitizes behavior records and records the conditions or behaviors.


We use the latest model that can operate simultaneously with the electronic medical record.

HbA1c Rapid Measurement

This can examine the level of HbA1c, an index of the blood glucose control, in just 6 minutes.

Chest/Abdomen X-ray

The X-ray machine for chest or abdomen. This diagnoses the condition of heart, lung, or abdominal organs.

Bone Density

Bone density means the degree of calcium, constituent of bones. Used as an index of bone strength.

Electronic Medical Record

We use the next-generation electronic medical record that complies with the international standards and can operate simultaneously with other medical equipments.

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