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What is sleep apnea syndrome?

SAS is a collective term for “clinical conditions with repeated apnea during sleep.” The total number of the patients is estimated to reach 2.4 million, roughly 2-4% of Japanese. It is also clear that those affected with lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension or diabetes has a complication of SAS. In particular, about 80% of those with drug resistance hypertension are associated with SAS, and it is said that SAS is the cause for the drug resistance. As such, SAS is going around us.

Rate of SAS Complications by disease

What are the SAS symptoms?

SAS prevents sleeping and may cause conditions such as

  1. Sleepiness during daytime

  2. Heavy snoring

  3. Morning Headache

  4. Lack of deep sleep   etc.

SAS is a systemic disease.

Due to lack of sleep or low-oxygen, SAS is said to cause drowsiness or development and deterioration of lifestyle-related diseases.

SAS Complications

  • We rent the test equipment to a patient. Please return it to us later.

  • The equipment is just 100g and easy to wear.

  • It measure breathing, snoring, SpO2 (degree of oxygen saturation), pulse for 24 hours.

  • It shows how often and how long the breathing stopped in an hour.

CPAP:Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

CPAP is a general treatment for SAS.

CPAP is a highly effective SAS treatment. More than 100 thousands people in Japan have take the treatment and 10-20 thousands people are starting the treatment annually.

CPAP constantly applies positive pressure to the airway and prevent airflow obstruction during sleep. We lend the CPAP equipment and special mask to our patient thus the patient needs to visit us just once per month.

Airflow Change before/after the CPAP equipment

Advantages of CPAP

Resolve daytime drowsiness and improved memory or concentration power.

CPA treatment will solve the daytime drowsiness and improve the memory or concentration power as well as your productivity. Feeling motivated, you may achieve the weight loss.

Decrease of mortality rate by preventing and improving lifestyle-related diseases.

SAS patients have nearly 3 times risks of developing fatal cardiovascular diseases such as heart infarction or stroke. With CPAP treatment, that risk can be decreased to the same level as healthy persons.

Decreased Mortality Rate by CPAP

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