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【Tue.Sat】9:30~13:15 【Closed】Thu.Sun.National Holiday

Initial Visit

Please bring your health insurance card or any examination results if you have. You can visit us without a referral. You don’t have to wait long if you make a reservation by phone.

Consuliting Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:30-13:15,15:15-19:00 (Last recipient 18:45)
Tue, Sat: 9:30-13:15
Tel for Reservation: 03-5537-3553

Circulatory disease <heart, brain, blood vessel>
  • You feel chest pain or oppression.

  • You have a shortness of breath or palpitation.

  • You have an irregular heartbeat.

  • You have edema of the hands, feet, or face.

  • You have headache or dizziness.

  • You have blood pressure over 140/90mmHg.

  • You were told the high cholesterol or triglyceride but haven’t done nothing for that.

  • You feel cold and numb on foot.

  • You want to stop smoking with smoking cessation supplements (w/health insurance)

Suspected Disorders

Ischemic heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction), arhythmia, cardiac valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, cardiac failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis obliterans(ASO)

Feasible Examinations

Chest X-ray, electro-cardiogram, cardiac ultrasound , 24-hour electro-cardiogram (Holter electrocardiography), blood vessel age test, carotid ultrasound, (cardiac, head) CT/MRI at our partner medical institution (5-min walk)

  • You feel tired easily.

  • You go thirsty easily and drink lots of water, or urinate frequently.

  • You see something like mosquito flying in your sight.

  • You lost weight despite of eating normally.

  • You feel numbness, pins and needle, or cramp on your foot.

Feasible Examinations

Oral glucose tolerance test(OGTT), urinary test, HbA1c measurement, insulin secretion test, insulin resistance test, funduscopy(at our partner eye clinic)

Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity
  • You gained 3kg or more weight in a year.

  • You gained 10kg or more from when you were 20-year-old.

  • You are concerning about your abdominal girth recently.

  • You snore heavily, feel drowsy during daylight, or cannot get a deep sleep.

  • Your BMI is over 25, and you were told to have hypertension, cholesterol disorder, diabetes, or fatty liver, etc.

Feasible Examinations

Visceral fat area measurement, blood vessel age examination, carotid ultrasound, sleep apnea syndrome test, abdominal ultrasound

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