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【Tue.Sat】9:30~13:15 【Closed】Thu.Sun.National Holiday


Medical Care made by Medical Specialist

It is desirable to have medical care by a medical specialist in each field as the medical care has highly developed today. Becoming a medical specialist requires a multiyear training at designated hospitals, high-quality report on the training result, and passing of tests in writing and interview. We provide the medical care by a specialist of cardiac disease and diabetes.


Significance of a Specialist for Both Cardiac Disease and Diabetes

Cardiac diseases such as heart attacks or angina ranks the second most common cause of death among Japanese (The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 2010). Also, the diabetes population in Japan reaches 10.7 million, the 6th highest in the world (International Diabetes Federation “Diabetes Atlas” the 5th edition, 2011). These figures show how much two diseases are threatening our health and the provision of the appropriate prevention or treatment is essential. Besides, diabetes is an extremely significant risk factor of cardiac diseases (arteriosclerosis). As such, these two diseases cannot be separately considered, and the double specialist for these two diseases is required. There are only 12 double specialists in Tokyo’s 23 wards, and we are the first clinic with a double specialist in the areas including Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Koto-ku as of Mar 2012.


Mental and Behavioral Support

Lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes cannot be cured just by explaining the examination results and prescribing medicines. The key to the treatment is to respect each patient as the one who has different lifestyle and values and lead them to control themselves. We offer a careful mental support like evaluating the mental stage of each patient and having a group discussion with the clinical psychotherapist.


Located in the medical complex “GINZA Medical Center”

There are internal medicine department, orthopedics, psychosomatic medicine, and pharmacy in the GINZA medical center, and we have close partnership between departments. You can visit several clinics and get prescribed medicines on the same day.


Convenient Location

5-min walk from each station;
YURAKUCHO station on JR YAMANOTE Line, or HIBIYA station on Tokyo Metro MITA Line.
You don’t get rained if you come through GINZA FIVE, a shopping center directly-connected to Tokyo Metro.

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