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Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (75g OGTT)

What is oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)?

OGTT is a diabetes examination and determine the types of diabetes such as “diabetes”, “normal”, or “borderline”. Take the glucose melted water first, and draw blood four times, 30-min later, 60-min later, 120-min later, and at fasting state.

Who should take the OGTT?

OGTT is recommended to those who were told that they were likely to get diabetes. In particular, those with HbA1c 5.6-6.0% (JDS value), fasting glucose level 110-125mg/dl, or casual blood glucose level 140-199mg/dl. Also, those who are with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, HbA1c 5.2-5.5% (JDS value) or whose family member has had diabetes are desired to have OGTT. (Japan Diabetes Society Diabetes Treatment Guide)

How to Determine the Type

OGTT determines the diabetes type based on the diagram below, “diabetes”, “normal”, or “borderline”. Also, it calculates an insulinogenic index from the blood glucose level or the insulin value of 30-min later. (Those with this value of less than 0.4 are likely to develop diabetes in the future.)

Notices on OGTT

Please eat nothing at least at least for 10 hours before the test and come to our clinic on empty stomach. You are prohibited from eating, exercise, or smoking until the 120-min test completes. We have a space you can stay relaxed during the test.

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